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Air Conditioners, Heat pumps and Aircon SparesAir Conditioning Direct-to-you Supplier
Here you will find the most complete range of Air Conditioners available in South Africa and Southern Africa complete with Price!Our HELP DESK is on standby to assist you and guide you thought our purchasing process CLCK the "Contact Us + Ticket” button on the Right and start a conversation with the Help Centre to get you exactly what you Want. From our Top of the Range
Samsung Air Conditioners
.... A Complete range to our give-away-@-that-price but extreme value for Price you Pay,
Jet-Air (SABS Approved)
Air Conditioners Our Range Samsung Air Conditioners Start at the 9000 BTU air conditioners suitable for a 12 to 20 square meter room and go up to 48 000 BTU Cassette Samsung Air Conditioners suitable to cool air on a floor space of between 64 and 86 square meters,these cassettes are normally used in banks of Samsung Air Conditioners to cool offices, conferences Halls and Supermarkets. Samsung Air conditions, Roof top models are of a Digital Variable Multi system that ensures highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly air conditioning for Commercial use as well as to cool upmarket luxury homes. 520 000 BTU allow for Samsung to air condition a number of Different rooms from one exterior unit that can be 50 meters away, these are done on a system quotation basis

Catering Spares, Parts, & Heater ElementsCatering Spares, Parts, Heating Elements, Switches and Thermostats
In our Catering spares section we carry a wide range of spares
ranging from fish fryer thermostats to thermostats used for breeding chicks,fish tanks even jacuzzi and spars, We have water boiler thermostats steamers and pie warmer thermostats
Heater Elements
In our catering section's heater elements we have Three Phase industrial elements, Bain Marie, fish fryer and the ever popular commercial toaster elements We also carry elements that fit the Vulcan range of catering equipment and if all these elements do not fit then simply send us the old element and tell us the duty and we will have and element manufactured for you

Electrical Wholesale Supplier,Extractor Fans,Cable,Contactors, CB Electrical Wholesale Spares
MacSpares Electrical has a wide range of Electrical Spares available for general Household , Commercial Electrical and Domestic Electrical Spares.
Conductors, Electrical Wires & Cable
MacSpares have a Wide Range of Electrical Cable, From GP Wire to Norse, Twin-E, and Armoured Steel Wire (SWA) Cable which is available as Full Reels or merely cut to your requirements
Extractor Fans
MacSpares ever Popular range of Domestic and Commercial extractor fans to suit your every need, Bathroom, Kitchen and Office Fans Our Extractor Fans sizes range from 100mm Diameter thu to 630mm in Dia.
General Electrical Spares and Parts
MacSpares has a wide range of Electrical spares from Circuit Breakers, Contractors and Motor Starters,Distribution Boards (DB's) PVC Conduits & Fittings, Plugs, Plug Outlets, Lights, Light Fittings... What's not listed in our Electrical Spares Section is merely to prevent clutter, ... Send Us a Ticket now for your requirements !
As a Post-note
Our Electrical spares Website is under Development and we are going to devote the whole Website just to Electrical Spares : You Could Be Diverted to this site during your Shop for a more complete range of Products

Floor-Care Spares,Parts, Filters Vac-BagsFloor Care Spares , Parts & Accessories
In our Floor Care spare parts and dust vacuum bags, dust filter section we have a collection of close to thirty brands that we have spares , parts and there respective vacuum bags, dust filters
Vacuum Cleaner Motors
In our Vacuum cleaner motors,section we have a single stage, double stage vacuum cleaner motors we even have the tangential vacuum cleaner motors that are used on backpacks, we also have the Vacuum cleaner motor carbon brushes
Vacuum cleaner hoses and Accessories
We have a wide range of vacuum cleaner suction hoses, hose extensions and floor tools to fit a range of Vacuum cleaners and also a section that some parts are universal to most vacuum cleaners

 Geyser & Urns Spare,Parts,Timers, Elements,Energy Saver Devices Geysers & Urns, Spares, Parts, and Elements
In our Geyser & Urns Section we have a nice range of Elements switches and energy saving Devices
Energy Savers
Here you will find Geyser electric timers and our Geyser wise geysers power management system, Solar hot water heaters even retrofit energy saving Heat Pumps. In today’s rising cost of heating water care has to be taken to save money wherever you can.
This section has a nice range of thermostats used in South African geysers and Urns
Geyser Elements
MacSpares has a full range of Geyser elements used in Southern Africa. Ranging from standard geyser elements to hard water geyser elements spiral geyser element as well as the very popular ceramic range of Sadia geyser elements that are so popular in Zambia even the industrial three phase geyser elements used in the bulk water heater industry

 Laundry Spares & Parts By BRAND Name or Type of Spare Laundry Spares & Parts
Macspares have a wide range of spare parts for about Twenty Bands of laundry equipment
Washing Machines
MacSpares range of washing machine spare parts for most makes of washing used in South Africa ranging from the inlet, outlet hose to agitators drain pump motors and speed queen spare parts name it and you should find it here
Dishwasher Spare Parts
In this section we have a range of the most common spare parts needed for most dishwashers from dishwasher heater elements, drain pumps and Timers to the cutlery baskets and dishwasher trays
Tumble dryers
Here we have the tumble dryer spare parts as in heater elements, drum bearing pads and even tumble drier motors , timers and bearings

Refigeration Wholesaler,Copper,Gas Compressors,Tools Refrigeration Wholesale Spares
Complete On-line Solution ideally suited for the busy and / or Rural Refrigeration Engineer who demands high quality Refrigeration Spares at Great Prices but does not have the time to waste shopping for Refrigeration spares during his Earning Hours!
Refrigeration Compressors
Our Refrigeration Compressor’s range from the small domestic Refrigeration Compressors to the large commercial three phase extra low temp Refrigeration Compressors.
Refrigeration Spares
Include all Copper Tubing and Fittings, Driers, Ducting Evaporator Plates, Condenser Fan motors, Fridge thermostats and Pressure Switches
Refrigeration Gas
We have a Large section of Refrigeration Gas to suit all Southern Africa requirements and can ship these refrigeration gasses out to all locations
Tools and Equipment
MacSpares Carries a wide range of Refrigeration tools to meet all your Refrigeration needs. . . What's not listed on our Refrigeration spares is merely to prevent clutter, ... Send Us a Ticket now for your requirements

Spares & Parts for Household Small Appliances, From Kettle Elements to Steam Pot Seals Spares for most Small appliances used in the Household
In this section of MacSpares you will find a wide range of small household appliances spare parts
Pressure Cookers
Its always difficult to get the pressure cooker seals, weights and pressure cooker handles so here you will be able to view and buy the cooker spare part you need for Tedelex pressure cooker, Presto pressure cookers , even Durawear and Kern pressure cooker seals
Kettle, Urn & Iron Cleaners
This section of MacSpares small appliance spare pares has a range of kettle de-scalers, Urn cleaners, Hot Iron sole cleaners and Teflon iron shoe
Heater Spares
Winter time you always looking for a replacement heater bar be it a quartz heater element or a ceramic heater bar.
We also have a range of small appliance and oil heater thermostats and even the oil you will need to top up your oil heater. You will find the heater bar you looking for here in the small appliance spare parts section

Solar, LED's ... Energy Saver DevicesSolar and Energy Power SAVERS !
Today Everything Goes around Saving Power Regardless of what is said, expensive and going up all the time !
Solar Energy is FREE and the Range of Solar Geysers and Solar lights shown here generally pay for themselves in about a Year
LED Lights
Lights are one of the high users of electricity Our Range of Led Lights dramatical Reduce the High Cost of Electricity. These Led Lights are simple to install, they use the same fittings so throw out your old lamp and just plug in your new Led Lamp
Air Heating & Cooling
See here how major saving can be made to Heat and Cool air. Oil & Space heaters are extremely inefficient, even last years Air Conditioners can be improved on for massive SAVINGS! Here we show you the saving that can be made to both Heat and Cool Air
Water Heating
Normal Geysers are Massive Guzzlers of Electricity today you have to, at the very least install a Timer on your Geyser, Better still , Replace the Geyser with a HEAT PUMP. These Heat Pumps come with or without a water tank so you have the choice of either junking the Old Geyser & replacing it with this Heat Pump or leaving the geyser in place and connecting up an external Heat pump to use whatever Tank (or Old Geyser) you choose to save about 40 % in Water Heating COSTS !
Spare Parts, & Plates for Stoves, MicrowavesStoves & Microwaves
Get your Stove and Microwave spare Parts at MacSpares, We have a range of almost all stove and Microwave Spares Parts used in South and Southern Africa.
Defy Spares, Parts and Solid Plates
MacSpares Have a very wide range of Defy spares from Oven door Seals to Thermostats and Oven Heater Elements and Oven Thermometers
Kelvinator Parts
Solid Stove Plates, Energy Regulators and Stoves Switches
General Stove Spares
MacSpares Stove Section Carries a wide range of General stove spares for all your needs, from Stove fuses oven Lamps, Lights & indicators , Stove Cleaners like Cerapol and Ceraseal Cooker Hood Spares, Parts and Filters Even a Large range of Knobs and Lenses for your stove
Microwave Spares
In the Stove and microwave section you will find the majority of Spares and Parts to Repair your Microwave , From our ever Popular Microwave Glass Trays (Turn-table Trays) the clovers to Turn the Trays, Turntable motors to Magnetron and High voltage Capacitors & Fuses ...Send Us a Ticket now for your requirements

Some of the Great MacSpares Team !Team MacSpares
Here is a collection of some of the team from MacSpares . . . .Just to show we are human and not a lot of zero's and ones somewhere in cyberspace !





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