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Freezer Room Compressors

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Freezer Rooms & Freezer Displays Refigeration Guidline

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Inside Volume
Length x Width x Height
Compressor size R 404 -- R 507 Gas Orifice  Remarks
4.2 cubic meter 1749 Watts
0.5 Hp
MANEUROP NTZ68-LTZ29 1749 Watts 0.5 Hp (R404 / R507)
The System Condensor & Fan  is ALWAYS the Deciding Factor
4.8 cubic meters 2002 Watts
0.57 Hp
MANEUROP NTZ96-LTZ40 2002 Watts 0.57 Hp (R404 / R507)   0X Never Put a Compressor Bigger than the Condensor Can Handle (Overload compressor)
6 cubic meters 2465 watts
0.7 Hp
MANEUROP NTZ108-LTZ44 2465 Watts 0.7 Hp (R404 / R507)   0X BUT
7.6 cubic meters 3225 watts
0.9 Hp
MANEUROP NTZ136-LTZ50 3225 Watts 0.9 Hp (R404 / R507)  
Never Put a Condensor / Fan Match the Causes "Cold " Liquid Refrigerant (over condense gas ) -try cycle condensor Fan

14.5 cubic meters

5886 watts
1.7 Hp
MANEUROP NTZ215-LTZ88 5886 watts 1.7 Hp (R404 / R507)TECUMSEH - CAJ2464Z 1&1/2HP R404/R507 (LBP)
For a Heavy load or Pull down  (Warm Product in ) go to next smaller size in Cubic Meters

17.5 cubic meters

6955 watts
2 Hp
COMP. 380V MANEUROP MT18 2450W (R22) 1.5HP  
        If there is any doubt of compressor size, ALLWAYS go one size SMALLER
NEVER go to a BIGGER Compressor
        Never install a compressor on a Blocked / Dirty or Contaminiated / WET (Water) System
        Allways Replace the Drier
Contaminated systems must have a bigger Drier after Cleaning
        NEVER put the WRONG gass in the SYSTEM or COMPRESSOR
ALLWAYS Replace the Drier
ALLWAYS instal Burnout Drier After Any Compressor BURNOUT
Failure to install Burnout Driers Will Cause another Burnout very soon afterward
ALLWAYS Match your Expansion Value orrifce to the Compressor / System
Wrong Orifice Cause POOR Refrigeration and wrong Superheat that will cuase Compressor to Fail
Orifice Tricks
        Divide your Compressor HP size in half. and add 10%
Use this figure to Select your office size from the Chart on the Box
        Slightly bigger gives less Depth of Cold but more cooling effect
        Slightly Smaller Gives Deeper cold But less Cooling Effect

*This is a guide only and MacSpares accepts no responsibility for errors and omissions

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